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Supporting Your Lodge

As Masonry developed in the United States it did so with indissoluble links to the degrees of the York Rite. In fact many of our degrees were once conferred in your Craft Lodge! Your Blue Lodge experience is enhanced through the York Rite, and in turn so is your commitment to your Blue Lodge. Your deeper understanding of the mysteries of the Craft will engender greater effort and participation in your Lodge.

When laid out in chronological order, the intimately woven the fabric of Freemasonry is revealed, with the current owning organization in parenthesis.

  1. The portion of the Royal Arch antedating the building of the Temple (Chapter)
  2. Entered Apprentice degree (Lodge)
  3. Fellowcraft degree (Lodge)
  4. Mark Master degree (Chapter)
  5. Royal Master degree, first section (Council)
  6. Select Master degree (Council)
  7. Master Mason degree (Lodge)
  8. Royal Master degree, second section (Council)
  9. Past Master degree (Chapter)
  10. Most Excellent Master degree (Chapter)
  11. Super Excellent Master degree (Council)
  12. Royal Arch degree, concluding section (Chapter)
  13. Order of Red Cross (Commandery)
  14. Order of the Temple (Commandery)
  15. Order of Malta (Commandery)

 The Household of the Faithful


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