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Knowledge & Education

The cultivation of knowledge is a core tenet of the Masonic experience. The York Rite stands prepared to make good on the promise of more light in Masonry through our commitment to education.

  • Companion Adept of the Temple – administered by the York Rited Sovereign College of North American, the Companion Adept program provides in depth and intense instruction into Masonry. Learning materials are freely available for this correspondence course of Instruction. Local meetups and follow on discussion work to advance your understanding of the materials and lessons.
  • Educationals – Every meeting the York Rite includes an in depth educational experience. Topics range from Masonic history, philosophy, esoterica, and chilvary.
  • Study Groups – combined with the Companion Adept of the Temple, independent study groups meet providing opportunities to deeply delve into Masonic philosophy and history.
  • Officer Training Corps – all members and officers and welcome to participate in the officer training corp providing hands on development of practice leadership skills applicable in and out of the Temple.

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