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2016 Officers

The officers elected and installed on November 25th, 2014.

Utah Chapter № 1 Royal Arch Masons

High Priest Benjamin Young
King Mont Andersen
Scribe Hugo Rodier
Treasurer Jason Mair
Secretary Douglas J. Backes KYCH
Captain of the Host William Brothersen
Principal Sojourner Jason Mair
Royal Arch Captain Charles Persigner
Master of 3rd Veil
Master of 2nd Veil
Master of 1st Veil
Sentinel Bill Butterfield, PMEGHP
Chaplain Reed Fanning, PHP

Utah Council № 1 Cryptic Masons

Illustrious Master Benjamin Young
Deputy Master Mont Andersen
Principal Conductor of the Work Hugo Rodier
Treasurer Jason Mair
Secretary Douglas J. Backes, KYCH
Captain of the Guard William Brothersen
Conductor of the Council Jason Mair
Steward Charles Persinger
Sentinel Bill Butterfield, PMIGM
Chaplain Reed Fanning, PIM

Utah Commandery № 1 Knights Templar

Eminent Commander Benjamin Young
Generalissimo Mont Andersen
Captain General Hugo Rodier
Treasurer Jason Mair
Recorder Douglas J. Backes, KYCH
Senior Warden William Brothersen
Junior Warden Jason Mair
Standard Bearer Charles Persigner
Sword Bearer
Sentinel Bill Butterfield, PREGM
Prelate Reed Fanning, PEC


Shared Officers


Trustee 3yr – John C. Liley, KYGCH

Trustee 2yr – Allen Record

Trustee 1yr – Jason C. Varner, KYCH


MTA Representatives

3yr – Ben Young

2yr – William Brothersen

1yr – James Wilson