Utah № 1 York Rite Bodies - Salt Lake City Utah

This online membership certificate generator/validator allows members of Utah No. 1 York Rite Bodies, to print letters of good standing, and external Masonic bodies to validate whether or not an a dues card/member is truly valid.

How to Use This Tool

Simply enter the dues number from the card, which is a twelve character number with two hyphens, if the dues number has a record, a certificate is generated indicating the current standing of dues number holder. This webpage hooks directly into our official system of record, and can be trusted as authoritative.

Please note, a suspended, demited, and deceased member can result in a valid certificate, you must check the standing for the bodies.

Please Enter Dues # To Validate:

Why the Utah № 1 York Rite Bodies Consider This Certification Valid
This tool is hosted on our website, and which is registered in our name, with our operatating address 650 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84102. This information can be publicly and freely validated, and is more difficult to falsify than a dues card. Therefore we consider this electronic certification a valid form of Masonic credential. While this may deviate from standard Masonic practice which may cause some confusion amognst the Craft, electronic credential is the way of the future, and we want to be ahead of the curve. We ask that you respect our practices, however different they may be from yours.